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What is a CC Cream?

At IT Cosmetics, one of the products we feel proudest of is the CC Cream. This is the product that made me fall in love with the brand.

But with so much beauty jargon to try and untangle, one of the questions I get asked the most often is… “what is a CC Cream?”

Before discussing the CC Cream, I think it important to talk about the BB Cream. ‘BB Cream’ stands for beauty balm, a one-stop formula that will often merge your skincare, subtle-tint make-up and sunscreen for face all in one. Rather than having to apply each individual layer, this one balm will offer the benefits of many different beauty products in one easy-to-use tube. Lots of people enjoy the balance of wearing make-up but still knowing it feels comfortable on the skin because it is infused with skincare.

Subsequently, ‘CC Cream’ stands for colour correcting, designed to have skincare, make-up and daily SPF properties, but with the a higher level of coverage. Whether you wish to cover scarring from spots, dark circles under eyes or even some redness on skin, a CC Cream will help to create a flawless looking skin finish.

At IT Cosmetics, our CC Cream merges seven benefits into one tube. The formula works as your moisturiser, anti-ageing spf 50 or 40 depending on the finish you opt for, full-coverage foundation, and it’s colour correcting. There are three to choose from: the original skin-like-finish, the illuminating, or the matte finish. What I love about the CC Cream is that it gives you a hard-working full coverage, whilst feeling really light on the skin.

I hope you’ve learned a little more about CC Cream. To learn a bit more about some of the products that work well alongside it, take a look at one of my earlier blog posts here.



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