Real Women, Real Results: Vicky

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Name: Vicky

Age: 46

Skin Concern: Pigmentation


“I’m a woman, a worker, a mother, a grandmother, a fiancé and lover of life! I love IT Cosmetics as a brand as I really admire their mission to open up the conversation around confidence. Not only do they focus on creating amazing products, but they also make sure to encourage all women to feel confident in themselves, both with make-up and without. I love that!”.

  • It really gives me a glow

    CC+ Cream Illumination – shade light

    I love the CC+ Illumination, it leaves my skin with such a nice glow without making it look greasy or super shiny! I also love how it has great ingredients that are actually looking after my skin, and I feel like I really notice a difference compared to when I’m using a different foundation. It just feels so much nicer on my skin, and leaves it feeling more hydrated by the end of the day rather than drying it out.

  • The extra little lift we all need!

    Brow Power Lift

    Brow Power Lift is my secret weapon – I put it under my eyebrows to give a gorgeous highlight. I feel like it adds that finishing touch to my whole face. All I do is swipe a little just below my eyebrows onto my brow bone, and then use my finger just to blend the colour into my skin to prevent it looking like a harsh line. Instant eye lift – CHECK!

  • The perfect handbag product

    Confidence in Your Glow Palette

    This palette is so great as it’s 3 products in one – highlighter, bronzer and blush. It means I can just swirl my brush in, pop it on my cheeks and I’m all set – so quick and easy to use! The formulas for all three are great and blend into the skin so well, preventing any harsh lines or orange make-up disasters. If I have this product in my bag I know I’m ready to take on the day with gorgeous, glowing skin.

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