A Journey of Skin & Body Confidence

with Rady Zilincik

  • For this week’s episode of Conversations in Confidence, Rose is joined by make-up artist and Instagram sensation, Rady Zilincik!

    You may know Rady for her bright and colourful make-up looks, experimenting with bold new colours and styles to a million followers on social media. But in addition, Rady often shares parts of her body and skin confidence journey in an attempt to make other people feel connected and understood. 

  • In this episode, join Rose and Rady for an honest, uplifting conversation that touches on various elements of Rady’s life, experience and career within the beauty industry. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

    This episode may touch on some body confidence pointers in this discussion that may be hard to listen to if you’re currently having a difficult time with this topic. With this in mind, if you’d prefer not to join us for this chat, you can find Rady on Instagram at @GRWRady and listen to more Conversations in Confidence episodes wherever you find your podcasts.