Life, Loss and Lipstick

with Lisa Potter-Dixon

  • For this week’s episode of Conversations in Confidence, Rose is joined by make-up artist and best selling author, Lisa Potter-Dixon!

    Lisa is a vibrant, bubbly person and is someone that always has make-up to match! She’s been a professional makeup artist for over 15 years, with her work regularly featured in various magazines and publications. She loves to shoot editorial; making women look and feel amazing is her happy place! Not only this, but she’s the author of 3 best selling books and a contributing editor for an online publication.

  • For this episode of Conversations in Confidence, Lisa and Rose touch on some parts of her life that you might not know so much about, and delve a little deeper into story. Lisa discusses many a topic, including her journey of grief after losing her father, and how this has shaped and impacted her life. Lisa also discusses her experience with a medical condition called endometriosis. Any views expressed are entirely Lisa’s, and we would advise seeking professional medical advice if you’re experiencing a similar concern.

    Sit back, relax and get stuck in to this juicy episode, filled with all things life, loss and lipstick!