The Joy To Be Found In Avoiding Comparison

with Laura Byrnes

  • For this week’s episode of Conversations in Confidence, Rose is joined by beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger Laura Byrnes, of Laura’s Little Locket.

    Laura is the proud owner of a gorgeous blog; Laura’s Little Locket. Laura’s content is fun and light-hearted, designed to provide styling tips and inspiration for everything from your wardrobe to your living room. Her blog hosts a wealth of content and knowledge, from tips on the best summer pieces to pack for your upcoming holiday, to baking the perfect Victoria Sponge Cake! Whatever you’re here for, Laura’s got you covered. 

  • For this episode of Conversations in Confidence, Laura and Rose take a deep delve into confidence, and in particular the importance of avoiding comparisons. It is a well-known notion that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’, so we touch on that, along with the fun to be found in a much needed rest and restore!

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