Finding Confidence In Your Own Skin

with Katie Snooks

  • For this week’s episode of Conversations in Confidence, Rose is joined by Katie Snooks! Due to the lockdown situation at the time of recording, they will be brining this episode to you from the comfort of their prospective living rooms.

    Katie is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle content creator, who shares a bit of everything to do with what it is to be a girl. But lots of people have come to know her from sharing her acne journey in 2016, and sharing her relationship journey more recently, so confidence has always been at the heart of what she shares.

  • Rose and Katie discuss acne among other things in this episode. We advise that the information shared in this episode should not be construed for medical advice, and that you seek guidance from a medical professional when managing your own skin concerns.

    Sit back, relax and get stuck in to this juicy episode, filled with laughter, honesty and confidence boosting tips!