Inclusivity, Body Positivity and Embracing Who You Are

with Jules Von Hep

  • Our latest episode of Conversations with Confidence features the one and only Jules Von Hep - celebrity tanning expert, lover of individuality, giver of glows, champion of body confidence and pioneer of feel good!

    Jules has been worked in the tanning industry for over 10 years, bronzing up Hollywood’s finest, getting models golden backstage at fashion week, at celebrity homes, and on and off TV sets.

    Striving to give his clients a boost of confidence through providing that golden glow, Jules went on to launch his own range of tanning products that combined colour corrective technology with self tan. And so, Isle of Paradise was born!

  • Through his products, brand and own social platforms, Jules is on a mission to encourage body positivity, and self-acceptance, whatever that may look like. With or without tan, Jules encourages everyone to embrace who they are, and just be our wonderful selves.

    In our latest episode, Jules discusses his own journey of confidence, inclusivity in the beauty industry, dispelling the myth of perfection, and so much more! It’s a juicy one – so make sure to give it a listen.