Positivity, Confidence, and the Power of Vulnerability

with Amy Rushworth

  • Amy is a multi-certified coach, healing mentor, speaker and confidence expert who encourages women to ignite their inner fire and become the change-makers and trail-blazers in their lives.

    In her mid 20s, Amy felt as though she had no self-worth, no self-belief and her behaviours were spiraling her towards rock bottom. Her body, her mind and her soul were screaming for change. From a place of crisis, hopelessness, panic and overwhelm, Amy describes how a stronger spark was born inside her. She was determined to heal herself on every level and turn her life around piece by piece.

  • Discover how Amy not only radically transformed her life, but has been able to tap into her true gifts as a coach and healer. Learn her top tips and tricks for building self-esteem, confidence, and living life as the best version of you!

    Join brand ambassador Rose Gallagher as she chats to Amy in our latest episode of Conversations with Confidence.