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If you’ve met me for more than five minutes, I’ll have told you about the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream. It’s without a doubt my favourite beauty product of all time (a strong statement), I use this every single day and truly feel that it’s been a brilliant addition to my beauty routine.

But what is a CC+ Cream? In our world, it is 7 different benefits, all worked into one formula. It’s a single step that allows you to combine skincare with makeup for all your complexion needs for the day. How great is that?!

The CC+ Cream formula contains 7 benefits in one tube including anti-ageing SPF40 or 50 depending on the finish, full coverage, hydration and it also helps pores to appear reduced!

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve taken things a step further and given you three different formulas of CC+ Cream to choose from. There’s the original formula that looks dewy when you apply it but you can add powder to make it more velvety (this is the most versatile CC Cream and my personal favourite). Then there’s the illuminating formula which delivers a pearly radiance that means that your skin will glow whether or not you add powder. And finally, there’s the CC+ Matte which leaves a matte finish from the offset. All three variations offer a completely full coverage finish, giving you the option of how you want the skin finish to be.

To best apply your CC Cream, I’d always recommend using a brush. Our Complexion Perfection brush is the perfect pair to your CC Cream, helping you to achieve a flawless finish. Use the large fluffy end to go all over the skin, pressing product on in any areas that you wish to achieve a fuller coverage. Then, take the smaller end for smaller details like around the eyes or nose.

If achieving a flawless complexion is high on your list, you’ll also love teaming this with our Bye Bye Under Eye concealer. A completely flawless, full coverage concealer, this will offer a waterproof colour correction to any discolouration around the eyes. Use a tiny, pin-sized amount and buff it out. Don’t just stop at the eye area with this one, as this product can be used in any area that you feel you need extra coverage.

And as for the finishing touch? I never wear mine without one of the Bye Bye Pores setting powders. I tend to opt for the pressed powders because they’re handbag friendly and I’m always travelling. The original will give a velvety, matte finish to your CC+ Cream and help to diffuse the appearance of pores. My favourite, the illumination powder, will do the same but retain a soft luminosity within the complexion. My top tip? Take this down the nose, t-zone and inner cheeks, and leave the outer face looking fresh and glowy.

Now that you’ve learned all about my favourite product from IT Cosmetics, let me show you how to use it. You can find me on Instagram @rosegallagher, and in my IGTV videos you’ll find tutorials on everything from how to apply your CC Cream to a live demo of each different finish in action.

Hope to CC you there! What a joke. I’ll show myself out...



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