How to Choose Your Finish

CC Cream: How To Choose Your Finish

If you love IT Cosmetics then chances are you’ve already tried our CC Cream. This is the product that so many people discover us for, and it tends to mark the beginning of a lasting and trusted relationship with us. For me, it was the product that started what was to be a long and exciting journey with the brand.

So what is a CC Cream? CC Cream is a product that merges skincare, make-up and your daily SPF.

With three different styles of CC Cream to choose from, here’s my guide to each, with suggestions on why you may prefer one more so than another…

Original CC Cream SPF50 – My every day favourite
Though I use all three, the original CC Cream is my most used formula. This offers a skin-like, smooth finish. When you apply it it looks very dewy, but if you wanted to create a more matte finish you’d simply need to add a little setting powder. I like to set the centre of my face, centre of the forehead, nose, and chin, and leave the rest dewy. This way I have a little extra support where I’m prone to becoming more oily but the rest of the face looks fresh. Why I love this is that it gives you a completely full coverage.

Illuminating CC Cream SPF50 – My special occasion favourite
If you want glow, but still with lots of coverage, the illuminating formula will be your match. What I love about this CC Cream is that people pay me so many compliments about my skin when I’m wearing it. Don’t think glitter or shimmer, think luminous without sparkle. I like that whether you set this with powder or not, you will glow. I always use it for special occasions.

Oil-Free Matte CC Cream SPF40 – The mattified look
A product born at the request of the IT Cosmetics community, the CC Cream Matte is the one for you if you like a velvety, matte finish. With a soft, creamy texture, this glides over and creates a smooth canvas without looking dry. There are additional skincare ingredients in here such as colloidal clay which will help to balance oily or combination skin types.

Which CC Cream is your favourite? Tag us on Instagram @ITCosmeticsUKI and show us.

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